CodeGenHero Extension

CodeGenHero works as an extention to Visual Studio 2022 for Windows. Click here for more information on Visual Studio extensions and how to install them.

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CodeGenHero Templates

After installing the extension, you will also need to import at least one template bundle in order to generate code. Developers may create their own CodeGenHero Template Bundles, or use any of these open source ones:

CodeGenHero Blazor Template Bundle: Blazor allows you to build interactive web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript.

Download Github

CodeGenHero Blazor Enterprise Architecture Project Template:

Download Github

.NET Full Framework Template Bundle: The WebAPI Full Framework Template Bundle includes client and server code for basic CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) operations, pagination, filtering, data shaping and more based on your data structures. It also includes complementary code templates for a general MVVMLight MVVM UI, similar to what one may build for Xamarin.Forms, UWP or WPF applications.


For use with the VS 2019 Tricks and Techniques book featuring CodeGenHero

If you have a template bundle that you would like to share with the world, we would love to highlight it here! Contact Us

Examples and Samples

Example projects and sample data for getting familiar with CodeGenHero, which are used for the projects in our Documentation

ArtistSite Sample Data: A sample SQL Database and images for an Art Gallery sample project


ArtistSite Sample Project: A sample project demonstrating rapid development with the CodeGenHero Blazor Templates

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