CodeGenHero® Quickstart

Have an enterprise architecture up and running in about an hour.
What is it?

CodeGenHero is a developer productivity tool, packaged as a Visual Studio 2022 extension, that can shave weeks off of a project schedule, reduce the cost of change, and improve code quality.

CodeGenHero connects to your relational database and extracts metadata about the tables, fields, and relationships in that database.

That metadata is later combined with code generation templates that output numerous useful class files that are designed to work together.

Getting Started

3 Easy Steps

1Download and install the VSIX extension for Visual Studio 2022

Click here to navigate to the downloads page

Once downloaded, you should be able to double-click on the VSIX file to install it.

Click here for detailed installation instructions.

2Register and log in

Register for a free trial.

Verify your email address.

Log into the extension.

Click here for detailed registration instructions.

3Complete a tutorial

Click here if you prefer a step-by-step written tutorial

Click here If you prefer video tutorials

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