Break out of the Project Triangle

Code Generation Software for developers who are tired of squandering their precious time repetitively hand-crafting boilerplate code...

Stop Wasting Your Life

Learn how to deliver superior results in a fraction of the time.
Create Enterprise Architectures in Minutes
Leverage template patterns already created for APIs, Web and Mobile by our CodeGenHero team, or create your own.
Shrink Project Schedules and Budgets
You will be amazed at how quickly the initial stages of a project are built out, and your project manager will be delighted!
Focus on Business Rules, Not Plumbing
Obviously, code generation doesn't fix everything, but it allows developers to concentrate on what matters to users: the business rules.
Integrates with Visual Studio
CodeGenHero sits alongside your code, as a VS2019 Extension, so you can generate and incorporate your node code directly into your solution, in seconds.

How Does It Work

It's actually pretty straightforward...
1Determine your Models or Database Structure

Build out your code-first models or database-first database for new, green-field projects. For legacy projects, use your existing database structure.

2Select and Configure Templates

Need a Rest API? Need a mobile app? Need a website? Pick your templates and provide info about what you want to support.

3Review Results and Merge

But what happens when my requirements change? Simply modify your models or database, regenerate your code, review and merge again - from inside Visual Studio.

Coming in April 2020...

We are almost done upgrading CodeGenHero for Visual Studio 2019.
We have added new features for Entity Framework Core users and completely overhauled the UI.
We are confident that you will love using it as much as we do!
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