CodeGenHero Configure

CodeGenHero Configure

Template parameters are configured using global and template specific variables. This is how the output from template bundles, as a whole, work together.

Global Variables

Global variables represent parameters that are used by more than one of the templates that you have selected.

CodeGenHero™ Global Template Variables

Each Template Bundles will have their own specific set of variables. The following are global variables commonly found in the templates created by the CodeGenHero™ team. If you are building your own templates, feel free to use these template variables.

  • BaseNamespace and NamespacePostfix
  • DTONamespace
  • DBContextName
  • PrependSchemaNameIndicator (boolean)
  • RegexInclude and RegexExclude
  • RepositoryNamespace, RepositoryEntitiesNamespace and RepositoryInterfaceNamespace
  • UseAuthorizedBaseController (boolean)
  • WebApiControllerNamespace
  • WebApiDataServiceInterfaceNamespace

Template Variables

Template variables represent parameters that are specific to a single template being generated.

CodeGenHero™ Template Variables

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