CodeGenHero Templates

CodeGenHero Templates

CodeGenHero™ Tempates allow developers to generate the architecture that they need. Because templates often complement each other, we offer groups of temples that we affectionately call Template Bundles. Individual templates become exponentially more powerful when used in synergy with other templates to create coordinated template bundles.

You can generate code with our templates or use them to make your own.

Loading CodeGenHero™ Templates

To upload template bundles, navigate to the TEMPLATES tab, then the Template Bundles inner tab. Template bundles use the .cghpkg extension.

CodeGenHero™ Blueprint Tab

Open Source CodeGenHero™ Templates

CodeGenHero™ templates, NuGet packages, and sample projects are open source. If you do create your own templates or want to contribute to the many NuGet packages available at, then pull requests are welcome!

Need some template bundles? Visit the CodeGenHero™ Download Page.

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